10 January 2010

Posted by Lisa

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Day 10 - Snow Plow

My Vermont friends will not find this post particularly interesting. In fact, they might find it quite boring and just click out of here as soon as they see these photos. But I thought everyone else who is lucky enough to NOT have snow might find this interesting (can you tell I don't like snow?). This is what my husband does when we get enough snow on the driveway. Sometimes he doesn't have to touch the plow for more than a week, but other times he might have to do it 2 times in one day, depending on what day it is and whether or not we have people coming and going in and out of our driveway.

He pushes the snow piles far out into different parts of our yard to make room for the rest of the snow he has to push throughout the rest of the winter. These piles are pretty small. By the end of the winter they will be a lot bigger. They make great sledding hills and the kids love digging tunnels in them. Or my husband can use them as a jump for his snow machine.
I'm sure this won't be the last of the snow pile photos. If you are watching my Project 365, get use to it. ;o)

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  1. A very familiar site for sure. I feel lucky Peter can bring home a plow truck from work whenever we need it.


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