23 January 2010

Posted by Lisa

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Day 23 - Sisters

"Sissy, will you braid my hair?"

This is my oldest daughter, Elyse, with my youngest daughter, Erika. Erika loves to do her own hair, but this morning she asked her big sister to put two braids in it for her. I love moments like this. So very sweet and fleeting.


  1. such a gorgeous photo, and a memorable moment. LOVE IT.

  2. Stopping over from the Maternal Lens, Congrats on your win! Glad to have visited, I love the crispness in your photography! The tone on this picture here is so sweetand calming, I love it!

  3. wonderful moment, beautiful photo Lisa.

  4. Lisa, you are truly gifted. I would love to know where you learned your craft!

  5. Beautiful! What a wonderful memory to capture!

  6. Kris, thank you so much. I honestly have just learned on my own with some help from other photographers online. The internet has so much information about anything anyone could want to know. I've also purchase a few digital photography books. I love Scott Kelby's books. Also, practice practice practice. :o) The more photos I take, the more I learn. Thanks for stopping by!


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