03 January 2010

Posted by Lisa


Day 3 - Outdoor Wood Boiler

We live in Vermont. It's cold here. Oil is expensive. So, we have one of these get ups. This is our outdoor wood boiler and our wood shed. We fill the boiler with wood usually 2 times a day...3 times a day on really really really cold days. Sometimes in the middle of the night. On those nights I thank God I'm not a man.
Our wood shed holds approximately 20 cords of wood, which gets us through the year. Yes, we use it all year round. In the warm months we use it to heat our hot water. In the cold months we use it to heat our hot water AND our radiant floor heat. Central heat? What's that? Oh, and central air??? What's that? We live in Vermont.

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  1. Great photo Lisa...we have pondered getting one of these too!

  2. his is a great shot...really conveys how cold you must be!

  3. Wow, I would be so out of place and utterly frozen there..But that picture is fabulous great shot...


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