31 January 2010

Posted by Lisa

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Day 30 - His Hands

These are the hands of my hard workin' man. As I look at this photo I think of all the things these hands have done. He has built, taken apart, and repaired jet engines. He works on our vehicles. He has cut down hundreds, if not thousands, of trees, and cuts our firewood. He has built huge structures and small structures. These hands are strong. But gentle enough to deliver several of our babies. Soft enough to caress their tiny heads when they needed comforting. Secure enough to hold their hands as we all walk together, and empty enough to hold my hand at the same time. Quick enough to catch them when they fall. Firm enough to remind our children to be obedient, yet not too firm because they call out for him at night when they have a bad dream.
This time, he's building me a pantry for my birthday, which is in March.

I love these hands.


  1. I like this! Love the subject and PP...good job!

  2. Awww, that is so sweet! I think I need a tissue now... sniff, sniff. :)

  3. What beautiful sentiments! Nice photo too!

  4. Beautiful journaling. Love your work. Thanks for inspiring me today.

  5. Beautiful. Love the picture and the feelings.


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