28 October 2010

Posted by Lisa

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A Crisp Vermont Morning - Vermont Family Photographer

I love waking up to such breath-taking beauty. I had to run and change the lens on my camera, and in doing so, I missed the most beautiful pink streaks in the sky!!! But it's beautiful even without the pink!

Last weekend we had many friends from our church come over and help us split and stack our wood for us. I believe the last count was over 20 cords of wood was what was brought in. We have over 30 put up for the year. Our furnace is an outdoor wood burning furnace. We load it once a day during the summer (heats our hot water) and 2-3 times during the cold months. It's more work than burning oil, but it's a lot cheaper! By next fall, most of this wood will be gone and we'll be back at it again....cutting, splitting, and stacking.


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