12 November 2010

Posted by Lisa

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Heartbreaker - Vermont Child Photographer

He's #3 in our 6 pack. Our 10 year old teddy bear. He has always been bigger than average, but he never takes advantage of his size. He has big brown eyes that will melt just about anyone who stares long enough. Me included. This photo was the result of me asking, "Hey, Sweetie, come over her a minute and let me test out my new lighting equipment". My kids are usually ok with having mom practice on them constantly, but sometimes they run. This time, my heart melter willingly obliged. Wish I had also asked him to put a nice shirt on. But who cares what he's wearing, right? Those eyes. They melt me.


  1. Oh. My. WORD, Lisa......you're right, those eyes, they are just GORGEOUS!!!

    Isn't God just an amazing artist?

  2. Heart-melting eyes and great smile... what a combo! And the colors and textures of his shirts. Oh! And I like what you did with your logo, too. You're so creative! :)


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