30 December 2010

Posted by Lisa

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So What if it's Snowing! - Child Portrait Photographer Hardwick Vermont

So who wants to get some Valentines Day portraits done?  So what if it's snowing outside?  Put on some red and let's get out there in the snow!  Surely, that special someone would appreciate a beautiful custom portrait of you, right?
Christmas is over and we're looking ahead to Valentines Day.  It's only a month or so away.  I'm booking into January now and that's the perfect time of month to get your Valentines Day portraits done.  Contact me for more information!

This is my sweet little baby girl.  She got a new red coat before Christmas and it came with a cute matching hat.  It won't fit her for long, and there's not another baby girl to pass it down to in my family.  :o(  So, I thought it would be a great time to capture all of her cuteness while wearing  it, enjoying the snow today.

So what if it's snowing! You can still get beautiful images outdoors if the light is right.


  1. Gorgeous photos of your little girl Lisa! I love her beautiful coat - especially against the backdrop of snow!

  2. Gorgeous portraits in that vibrant red! Love the composite.


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